Emprendec is a certified B-Company that works with the purpose of promoting sustainability, through educational programs, consultancies, services for entrepreneurs and young agents of change.

Our objective is to strengthen the capacities of entrepreneurs, agents of change that contribute to the development of communities, through the democratization of access to education in entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

CoWorking has come to You in Mumbai!

603 The Co-Working Space India is a newest co-working space built for working in a community environment.

Kunal G. Kataria founder of the space says, CoWorking has existed in our country from over 50 years since we have shared our offices and shops with others to reduce our operating cost and today it is modernised to CoWorking Spaces which includes free and unlimited access to Internet, Tea and Coffee and also includes your electricity bills. You simply pay for a seat, sign an online agreement and your office is operational within 1 minute.

These spaces have conference rooms and a Breakout areas to entertain you and your clients / guests when they visit you at your office.

A community manager ensures your are being served well with the amenities and requirements you may have including help for building your business or managing your Taxes.

We have taken it a notch higher by providing Share Market support by providing high end infrastructure to ensure your trades go faster and we also have a technical and fundamental analyst to provide you support in your trading needs. This is a first of its kind CoWorking Space.

Hence we say, CoWork to build your Network because

“Your Network is your Net-Worth”

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Via Jacopo dal Verme, 7, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
1020 Northwest 163rd Drive, Miami Gardens, FL, USA

Ecotech Visions inspires and encourages business relationships, friendships, collaborative education, and connectivity through shared camaraderie and the desire among the community to help each other. This new incubator hub is where you meet like‐minded people with different skills and backgrounds. A place to work where everyone does their own thing in the same space until they do it together. It’s where your social network is REAL. It’s teaching, learning and sharing. It’s where ideas go to grow. It’s where dreams go to become reality. We offer Cowork office space, event space, computer lab, fitness classes, marker spaces, and Business training.

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