The Coworking Visa program

The Coworking Visa allows active members of one space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for a set number of days (3 is the default).

Terms vary from space to space with regard to hours of operation, how many days are offered, reservation requirements, etc., so be sure to check the Visa terms for the space you want to visit.

There are hundreds of participating spaces worldwide and the list continues to grow.  Space owners can participate simply by adding their space below along with their particular visa guidelines. (You need to create a PBworks account to edit this wiki.)

If your own coworking space isn’t listed, ask the owner or manager to join the list (they may just not know about it or not have gotten around to it)!

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What is the Coworking Visa?

It’s a program built by and for people who manage coworking spaces, so they can all formally share with each other without having to get into the muck of setting up individual arrangements with each other.

It was initially created by Julie Duryea, formerly of Souk coworking in Portland, OR, and Susan Dorsch, of Office Nomads in Seattle, WA. It arose as a result of a conversation in the Coworking Google Group back in 2008, when the founders of various spaces came together in an organic collaboration. The wiki page that was created as a result of that conversation powered the Coworking Visa for ten years, until this new platform was established.

Is this a directory of all coworking spaces?

No! We used to maintain a wiki directory of spaces everywhere, but it quickly fell out of date. It also has lead into a thorny discussion about what is or isn’t coworking—a question that doesn’t come with easy answers everyone can agree on.

To that end, with this new platform, we are focusing our efforts on a subset of spaces we know are aligned with the core values of coworking: those which are willing and able to share.

I run a space. Why should I join the Coworking Visa?

It’s a hugely valuable benefit to offer to your members. By being a member, you can advertise that membership in your space also gives your members access to hundreds of spaces around the world.

If you’re an independent, locally run space, this helps you be small while also having the benefits of being part of something big!

I want to cowork in one of these spaces. How do I participate?

If you’re already a registered and paying member of one of the participating spaces, you can reach out to the space you want to visit and let them know which participating space you’re a member of.

It helps to copy someone who manages the space you’re a member of in your correspondence so the two spaces can coordinate if need be.

If you’re a member of a space that’s not listed here on the Visa, send your space manager a link to this site and tell them you’d like them to join!

If you’re not yet a member of a coworking space, search the Visa map to find if there’s a space in your area to join. You can also find a space in your area by searching Google (look for one that has a personality that aligns with yours!)—and then asking them to join the Visa.

Failing all of that… you can start your own coworking space! We’re here to help. Join the Coworking Google Group and introduce yourself!

Who’s in charge of this?

This site is maintained by Open Coworking, a nonprofit organization that was formed by some of the coworking movement’s earliest and most dedicated champions, to defend and advance the interests of the decentralized coworking movement.

How do I support your efforts?

When you register your space, choose the entirely optional premium upgrade during the registration process.

We’re currently an all-volunteer operation, so any support you can provide would go a long way towards helping us make improvements.

How do I show off that I’m on the Coworking Visa, or otherwise help to promote the program?

We’ve got you covered! Feel free to download and use the files below!

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I have questions. Who do I talk to?

Contact us at info [at]!