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This co-working center at Nehru Place boasts private cabins and workstations for motivated teams in the commercial hub of South Delhi. The center is a vibrant and creative work space which suits the needs of corporate, entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and professionals. If you need a plug and play office for your entire team, it has the space you need! Accessible by all means of public transport including the metro as well as buses.

This center at Nehru Place is ideal for corporate and professionals seeking vibrant yet affordable office space in prime accessible location. Designed to foster a collaborative working style, This co-working space is a believer in the power of collaboration and a supporter of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. This space celebrates the collective spirit. It believe in open communication and encourage connectivity and creativity among the members of our community. Whether you’re looking for a private cabin or a more collaborative setting, it has the space you need.

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