17B NO 39, Urbanizacion Las Cumbres Guayaquil Guayas 090904 EC
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Tel: 593 98 513 3888

KPI & Metrics Coworking Spaces provides:
• High speed & reliable Wi-Fi connection
• A comfortable desk
– Ceiling led light
– Multiple electric outlet chargers with USB ports
– Whiteboards
• Video Conference System
– Dedicated Ethernet cable and adapters
• A personal storage box with key
• A 6 chair meeting room with TV interphase
– Optional hourly rate
– Lite access for clients meetings
• Food and drink
– Complimentary light breakfast every morning
– Cereals, bread, margarine, jam, milk, juice, fruit
– Open kitchenette & dining area: Coworking crew members only
– Microwave oven, 2-slice toaster, sandwich toaster, coffee machine, water dispenser, tableware & silverware.
– Snack prep area
– All you can drink: coffee, tea, water
– A personalized mug with your name
• Quiet atmosphere to focus on your work.
• Coworking visa.
• A motivating social and relaxing setting with fit & play zone
– Ping-pong table and elliptical trainer
• In-house marketing, project and management consultancy shared without extra cost.
• Optional office equipment
– Printer, scanner
– Staplers, scotch tape, pencils, pens, paper clips
– Laptop (extra fee)
• Housekeeping, daily

Join a unique blend of workspace, business support, peace of mind and energizing sharing, while you work on what you are passionate about living in harmony with your values.

Thought for on-the-go entrepreneurs, developers & software designers, disruptive innovators, freelancers, small businesses and professionals, remote-location workers, writers, web developers, journalists, designers, bloggers and youtubers, students, innovators, un-incorporators, business stylist, creatives, independents, startups.

Ideal environment to get creative, meet fellow entrepreneurs and embrace innovation community, collaboration and sharing while encouraging social bounds and trust among members, and for those on corporate venturing programs like scouting, hackathon, incubators, accelerators.

We offer a variety of membership plans: dedicated desks, coworking shared desks in a hybrid of hostel, café and office space setting.

For memberships: Ask for and fill our e-mail questionnaire.

Members enjoy semi-private individual work stations, meeting room, open work area, and a collaborative and creative work space.

No long term contracts. Advanced payment via Paypal.


Financial safety: $15 day pass, $60 one week pass, $100 two weeks pass, $159 three weeks pass. Monthly rate $159 gets one week free of charge.
Drop-ins: A la carte hourly, daily weekly rates. Previously verified by members.

Coworking visa visitors from abroad, get 4 days free of charge.

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