Share your Coworking Day story!

Wow! Coworking Day was a huge success, with dozens (if not hundreds!) of spaces participating all over the planet.

Special thanks to the following groups for participating in Coworking Week this year:

ACE Coworking • Azumino Coworking • BLANKSPACES • Canton Work Space • Chisel – Coworking for Lawyers (DC) • Corvallis Foundry • CoWork Me • Coworking BC • Coworking0711 • CreativeSpace Zürich • Hub30 • KC Coworking Alliance • KinkyWork Berlin • Ministry of New • Neckar Hub • Office LAB • Rayaworx • rPod Coworking Space • Sacred Space • San Diego Coworking Alliance • Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance • Shin 389 Azumino (Farm inn) • Soma Vida • Spark Plaza • Startup Basecamp Co-living & Co-working • Subculture at Creative Coworkers • T-Werx Coworking • Tahiti Coworking • The Desk & Easel Coworking Space • The Thrive Network • tuesday coworking • weXelwirken

What happened during your Coworking Day celebration?

We’re compiling stories of memorable experiences that took place during Coworking Day.

Whether it’s a big moment when someone launches a successful startup, or one person meeting the exact person they need to help them with a small project—or even just a fun time among friends, these experiences make coworking the special thing that it is.

If you have a quick (or long!) story to tell, share it below!