Cabinet Lounge

2 Malyy Cherkasskiy Pereulok Moscow Moscow 109012 RU
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Cabinet Lounge is a successful new business format — a private members’ business club in a central location. Cabinet Lounge brings together all the advantages of a contemporary business center, executive offices, a fashionable restaurant and a private club.

Cabinet Lounge provides a suitable environment for both collective and individual work. Personal workspaces where you can use the club computers, and the Internet. Cabinet Lounge creates an atmosphere allowing you to do your business in maximum comfort.

Cabinet Lounge offers office premises from 20 to 50 m2 to rent. They are available for a long – and short-term rental.

Our tenants can enjoy all services at Cabinet Lounge. The lease price includes furniture, utilities, cleaning services and full club facilities.

Cabinet Lounge has several meeting rooms for 6 to 12 people. Conferencing equipment, plasma screen TV, and flipchart. Some rooms also include video-conferencing facilities. We also provide any other equipment you require.

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